What would it be like for our Black children to grow up knowing the beauty and strength of their culture and heritage?

Educate and empower today’s youth about Black history through an arts-integrated, strengths-based curriculum in order to positively impact their present and future.

 We provide resources to enhance your child’s exposure to and appreciation of Black history.

Explore Black History the Right Way!

Courses & Workshops

We provide resources to parents and educators to learn Black history in the fullness and beauty of what our story entails from Africa to the African Diaspora.

Explore Black History is for all students, it creates a learning space for Black students to take pride and ownership in the rich history and legacy that is theirs and correct notions and widen narratives of what is the Black experience for all children. Young scholars:

  • Will be taught from a strengths-based, arts-integrated curriculum, based on best practices in teaching and learning.
  • Will learn Black history in a fun and interactive way that promotes understanding and appreciation.
  • Will learn the rich, influential legacy of Black history, from Africa to the Diaspora, in an in-depth format that gives the content justice

Explore Black History Professional Development

“Too often when students learn about the African American experience, it enters and ends in the curriculum at a place of struggle within society (i.e. slavery and civil rights).”

- Dr. Shannon

Dr. Shannon Stanton Agbotse is an educator and researcher with over twenty years of experience in the field of education. She specializes in teacher education, teaching Black history, culturally responsive teaching, multicultural education, literacy, and teaching diverse learners within a social justice framework.

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